Operation + cannot accept argument empty string , [1]

I got this message and did understand why ? I need help to solve this problem. the ony block with this oeration are the following

thank you in advance

you might want to initialize your variables to 0 before trying to add something


you are using + in many blocks, i am not sure which one is not valid to +, the error says that somewhere you have any data which is not add able to +, like if you have ( ) empty, then you cant use +1. + can be used with numbers only, like 0,1,2,3… not with empty,

there must be any zero at least to use + function,

I initialized the variable concerned by + operation, I still get the same error message.

Can you show us all of your blocks

when exactly do you get that error message?

when I click on the block “Right”.

blocks (4)
these are the blocks which could be related to the error and which came before the error.

Then, before you click on “RIGHT” use DO IT to see what’s in the variables you want to add.

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It because your variable empty or not number variable

I tried with Do It but I still got the same error message. I even put a wrong number like [2] instead of [1] in all addition operations but it 's not working. I am afraid that this message correspond to any other error and not an addition opeation with [empty string] and [1].

the variable is not empy. it’s was initilized to 0 as suggested by Taifun.

It would be easier if you post your aia

Then before adding, check if the variables you are going to add are numbers.

Please find the aia of screen6 which causes the error it’s a draft with some disabled blocks. I hope it could be helpful.
thank you in advance.FindDay.aia (968.0 KB)

Since I have no idea what the app is telling me as it’s in foreign language for me however, the error goes away if I add this block

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Thank you for your assistance. Actually the error goes off after initializing the variable in an other the block not the one I was focusing on. the lesson learned is to think out of the box. we have to check all the blocks including the ones which we thought are correct. thanks to all colleagues for their help.

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