Order when calling the clouddb

hello experts.
I have saved several lists in the clouddb to generate a highscore list. List of name, list of items, list of dates, etc. When someone logs in, I load them from the clouddb with GET Value. All lists are then filled in GOT Value.
But filling the lists takes too long !? The list variables after get-Value are empty! What do I have to do?

I have now solved it like this. But that’s not a nice solution for me. I packed the logic in Got-Value.
Do you have a better solution?

my first idea was to use While Test, but the app got stuck

I think ur list contains much items so app got stuck

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Thanks for your thoughts. I’m in the test and the list only has 3 to 10 test entries.

What do I have to do so that the app does not continue to work until the lists from the database are filled?

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so what are u using in do block

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The app should not do anything until the list is no longer empty and then continue.

in While I just counted up a variable

Anyone else have any idea how I can use this or another block so that the program only continues until the variable is filled?