Organizing assets

I know that going visually through the assets list (in the builder, that is) isn’t all that important and even lesser important to manage it after compiling; you pretty much just need to know the file is there and what is its name to be able to use/call it.

The matter i’m proposing here is if would it be possible/feasible or even make sense to be able to create subfolders in the assets manager or compiled folder.

I believe this arises more from my own aesthetics and desire to visually organize things than from a real practicality stand point but I’d like to know the opinion of my fellow makers and, if possible, from the Makeroid team.

We already have this in our todo.

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Oh. Nevermind then. Hehe :laughing:. I’ve searched the forum for anything related but haven’t found any. On this matter. Is there somewhere we can see Makeroid’s TODO list and be aware of whats might be comin’ in the future or of what you intent in implement?


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