Timeline of upcoming bugfixes etc

Hi, it would be nice to have on forum one moderated topic with info:


You can see the release date as well as some sneak peaks here:

We will probably have a bugfix release in the next few days.


I think maybe he means like a RoadMap type thing like:

Maybe you guys can talk to @Vishwas?

Nope, not like that:)
What is a purpose: I personally am waiting for 1 fix and 1 addition to already existing component.
I believe there are more people like me.
Asking makeroid developers for release date has no sense to me (what if 20 people will start asking the same quesions?), such informations should be kept on forum in one place I believe. Just an idea…

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The idea is good, but even we don’t know when to make releases :sweat_smile:

For example, we decided to release 1.1 only a week ago, so we can’t say any release dates as we don’t know if what we want to include will be ready
And for bug fix releases, we can’t say release dates because we won’t know if there will be any bug solved, or of it’s really worthy to release only a minor bug fix

I can tell you that today or tomorrow 1.0.5 will be released, and 19th will be 1.1, but nothing else :sweat:


As a MakerChamp, you have the opportunity to see and test something before others notice it :slight_smile:

Maybe you can try to become a MakerChamp…


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