Quick Question About Makeroid's Future

As we all know, App Inventor doesn’t get lot’s of updates like Makeroid and won’t improve it’s original source code, or if it does, it will take years to make a change. So I would like to ask something related to this.

Will Makeroid ever stop this fast development stage after becoming so productional that 1 bug even won’t exist?

…or will it continue improving like this in this speed forever?

If you can make software without bugs, then you are a HERO, but there will always be bugs in Makeroid (Like any other program). So we will keep making new features and keep Makeroid up to date


You have the answer on this article:

- ¿Cuál es el futuro de Makeroid?

Quien sabe jajajaja. Uno nunca sabe lo que esperar del futuro, pero haremos lo que podamos para hacerla cada vez mejor, incluso cuando sea imposible.

Esperamos que Makeroid se convierta en una empresa de gran éxito, por eso trabajamos continuamente en ella.

“We hope that Makeroid will get a great success, that’s why we work all time on it.”

I think that reply will be enough to guarantee that Makeroid will be very active :wink:


Um no pretty sure that’s GOD or something :joy:

P.S. tbh tho, alert("Hello World!); has no bugs. :stuck_out_tongue:


But there is no way you can call that software :joy:


The real question is, will the developers stay this friendly, or will they be overcome by ego and pride? :thinking:


We kept friendly for over a year now. And I like it more to have real connection with our users, because then you get to know them and then you can help them the best and create thing they like.


Really great

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Umm, I meaant a builder without noticable bugs.

Thanks to everyone who answered my question, really appreciate it.

I thanked multiple times for this but I would like to thank the Makeroid Staff again for keeping this project alive and keep it going for over a year.

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:beers: To infinity and beyond!