Will Makeroid be merged with Thunkable in the future?

Do you plan to merge with Thunkable at some stage?

I am just curious, as it seems strange that many of you are still moderators at Thunkable community.

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We have the plan to be one day “THE” app builder and not just one of many.
That’s why we are working so hard on new things.

We have worked and developed in two month more then they in one year.


No, we will not merge with them. We created Makeroid, because the other app builder didnt add many upgrades and we wanted to have more functions in Makeroid


I don’t agree with this. Indeed, they worked on iOS. You created an app builder, great! But saying that someone is not caring about their users is just not right


We will still contribute to their community and controlling that everything is right and to keep a safe place :wink:
It isn’t related with Makeroid though, we can just help two platforms


How can you say you will be THE app builder when you depend on what MIT does, and you all piggyback on them for the real new features they launch for free and you make money out of them?

Well, you don’t need to be offensive, every development, wherever it comes from, is welcome. The user, as you and me, can only be happy as he has multiple choices and many people who works for the community, freely and for free!
So maybe everything is tied to Mit but everyone contribute to improve it.


Hello @GorilaMagila
App Inventor was Google’s brainchild before they decided to pass it on to MIT, the organisation which still leads the development and maintenance. App Inventor and its later versions (like AI2) were mostly educational, and hence put little emphasis on user satisfaction. Similar to Scratch by MIT, App Inventor was a platform for users to get hold of the newly released Android operating system and create apps for the same.

And then they released the source code.

Now, we have three major distributions apart from AI, one of which is Makeroid. You will find features on Makeroid which do not exist on other distributions. Had MIT been behind all of this, then you should find them on all platforms, because as you say, we piggyback on MIT’s work. Only but, we do not.

While one may put forward plenty of ludicrously baseless arguments stating that we steal MIT’s work, it is easy to forget that this is how the ecosystem works. When someone builds on Java, are they stealing from Oracle? When someone takes a product and makes it better, are they stealing it given the fact that the original makers have given permission for the refinement of the product?

If you think that we are doing harm to MIT’s image, or something of the like, feel free to use App Inventor, or Android Studio.



Things about :appinventor:
To make things clear, let’s talk about a few things. First, the most important thing is that Makeroid doesn’t hide anything or do they? “Born from App Inventor”, that is what they say. App Inventor is licensed under Apache v2.0 License & it is open-source. The main point of App Inventor is to educate people, but there was a lot of people who wanted something more. Something that they can change, modify & make something cooler. That’s why the code became what it is now. While there is a lot of distro’s like :thunkable:, :appybuilder:, :makeroid: and other few (Punya Framework & MadRobots) all of them just add something new. If you interested in license, take a look at this: Apache License 2.0 | Choose a License they have a right to change, earn money & do whether they want while they agree with limitations. Another interesting thing, is that you say that they ask money from people. But do they really do that? The only money from Ads & donations. Which all are spent for Makeroid hosting & keeping it running up. In fact, as a former Makeroid developer, I can tell, they a are great people. Calling someone copiers & etc. is just not what we do, do we. We all (App Inv & distro’s) are one and the same family. App Inventor unions us. And I am not scared to say, we are born from App Inventor. Peace!


So, is Makeroid developing their own background services or waiting for MIT to launch it?

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We’re not developing our own, we’re not waiting for MIT to launch it. We’ve been given explicit permission from the developer of services to include their code in Makeroid. It’s not worth wasting our time in developing our own services if someone else has already achieved it and open sourced the code, when we could be working on many other things instead.


Cool! Let’s ALL wait for it then!

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