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I’ve made a Google Sheet with all the components of App Inventor, AppyBuilder, Makeroid and Thunkable. I will try to keep it up to date when builders change.

The Big Wishlist
(Abdul Maajith) #2

Thank you very much for this…

(Abraham Getzler) #3

I posted a link to this from the MIT AI2 Power Users FAQ!msg/mitappinventortest/wqJin0qO8M0/8xUafdROAgAJ



Made an update to the comparison list


Really cool to see #1Builder :stuck_out_tongue:

(Pablo Almeida) #18

That is really a great topic, man! Congratulations, I think you spent a long time on that. Very nice of you…

If you wanna make a little update, kodular has now more than 10 thousands downloads on playstore

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And more than 6.2k members on forum :wink: