Makeroid have lots of bugs really

makeroid have lots of bugs really. i am not happy with this actually i was making an application with in makeroid but the problem is that floating action button is not working, sometime coding is not implementing, it can;t support many of extensions, exported applications are not working etc.

please do something about that otherwise i will shifted to any other platform.
it’s my request


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Well if you are not happy you are free to go to another platform. Until then be patient.


We are already working on a lot of fixes and there are a already a lof of them fixed, so when we push a new update you will see that most of them are gone

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Hey Peter, that’s my favourite platform, i said these words because its make my waste

This is probably an issue with your blocks and how you’ve setup the component.

All extensions should work. Which ones aren’t working exactly?

Again, this is probably your fault. What exactly do you mean by ‘not working’? Are you getting any errors? Is your app crashing?

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Well saying negative things about your favorite platform will not motivate developers to work any harder i guess. :sunglasses:


Or it’s possible you didn’t set an image for it, if you’re getting a BitMap Drawable error then it’s most likely that, or as @Conor suggested, it’s incorrect setup of blocks or misuse.


Makeroid has been launched recently. Previously it was just a beta version.

Developers have started developing apps using Makeroid and is conveying any problems/bugs to Makeroid. The best app development platform, Makeroid, is trying it’s best to serve you with the best of service.

Be Patient and Happy Developing