App Crashes in makeroid

Hello My Name is karan jadoun and i have developed apps on makeroid and i have published my apps on playstore where i got reports of crashing apps.
Here is the screenshot why the apps are crashing:

Plz Help me to fix it

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I also face this Problem,makeroid plz solve this

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If you have the OneSignal Notifications, it still has the bug which said it’s fixed, but idk if we have to delete it then add it back for it to work.

I have also App crashes increases . I have thunkable project and I export all project on Makeroid on 15 Sep. and publish my app on play store. after that app crashes report increasing very high. Kindly help me otherwise I have to change makeroid server too.

you said if nobody helps you you will change,
Man i mean this not bad but with an answer like this nobody will help you. This complete plattform is free to use and they developer take her free time to make this builder better for us as the other ones, but this ppl have a second life too. They get nothing for her help. sometimes ppl coulnd say thank your for your help.
I read a lot of text why is it not fixxed, why that and why that.

Ppl if you dont like this plattform you could change to thunkable or app inventor where you have a half of this components and where you can build apps with 10 mb max.

So why are ppl here Because we have 150 components and a much better server solution, you can developn extensions much easier as by the other builder.
The help from them is much better as in appybuilder or thunkable and for all of that for some ppl it is not not good enough.

Think of that that you have nothing to pay here, but the developer have to pay all of the servers and have to maintance them in her free time after her work.

So if some things dont work at the first moment, dont ask after 2 min and say it does not work.

Make you own research and after that you can ask, but without if nobody helps you, you will change.

i think the developer should make payed helped session with team viewer or any thing else. for each question you have to pay 2 dollar ithout help and with help 3 or 4 or for an colplete hour 60 dollar what is very cheap if you look what an developer get in an hour if he works normaly.

why do you dont merge you project with bubble. look into buuble this is an online web builder for web apps and you can run them in a web viewer as a normal homepage but with a lot of features inside like login system with all social network platforms and a lot of other things too.

i do that often if i need some things what i dont can make here i do it with bubble and ofen it in a web viewer. so ppl can interact with that if they have a internet connection.
Hope this can help you


Sorry to all … I came from thunkable to makeroid and same problem occurred here so I have wrote all this.

i came from appy builder and have to start from zero here bc i cannot import my aia file. And i have some troubles here also but this builder is much better as the other ones. The builder is too new so there are some bugs here and some things works dirfferent as the other builder. But with a bit of research and try to get this what you want. you will come to an end. I have put more as 1000 of hours in appy builder. and here i make everything complete new with some new features and i need one day.
we all heve to try it out how can things work if you not an developer.

When this bux will be fixed ? I have lose my users.

App crashing more and more… this is not good for all … pls help anyone.

hello i also have problem, it send crash noti like this . Why ? And what happen ? Btw , after run the project , the apps closed suddenly and i dont know how to fix it. Please someone help me . My due date is tomorrowwwww :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

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