We Want to know to the makeroid developers

Hello developers we know that 22 days ago makeroid come back with hugs features and new interface. We have no doubt about it and are so happy​:relaxed:.But we developers recently facing some bugs in new update.

  1. when we working when we drag blocks its going to slow.
    2.If we use package name admob ads doesn’t show.
    3.Facebook ads problem. Facebook ads doesn’t showing banner also interstitial ads.
    4.Runtime errors,many more.

**I hope makeroid developers know those problem. And they also working with the bugs.There are many makeroid app developers can’t publishing app for those reason. So can you please tell us how many days it will take for fixing those problems.Thank you all.

Well i guess it will be ready when it is ready. You just have to be patient. Keeping reminding the developers will not help.

Ok sir.But isn’t it going to slow?

No, it is not going to slow. Developers work in their free time. Just wait. If you can not wait then use something else. But you will get the same there. Just be patient. Do you really think constantly talking about it will help and get the issues fixed any faster.

If developers get frustrated by users complaining they may even work slower don’t you think.


Well sir take time and comeback strongly. Thanks.