Admob and fb ads are not showing in app

why not ads are show in app

How should we know what is wrong? Give more info. What have you done to make it work. Blocks etc.

If you signed up right now for admob and Facebook then you have to wait for 24 hours for ads to be started on your placement !! Be patient.

admob nd fb ads id are 10 days old, and i correctly set blocks till not showing ads

Its more than 24 hours. Banner ads are showing but interstitial not.

well if the blocks are correct you could ask Admob or Facebook what is wrong. Did you correctly apply with their services?

now admob banner ads are show but intertitial not showing and also fb banner and int: not showing

There is no point in telling every couple of minutes or hours if you got ads or not. If you blocks are correct it has to do with the adservice and not with makeroid.

these ad ids are work on another app made platform so i think its not adservice problem

What kind of apps are you making?

just make toturial for youtube
earning app

Thats what i thought. An earning app. With any luck you get your accounts suspended. Then your problem is also solved. :sunglasses:


I think there is a littile bug with monetization component.

Hope makeroid will fix it soon.

Hello I only know that makeroid Facebook interstitial Ads Are Not Working And Banner And Admob Ads Are Working I Think so Give Us You Project Aia So We Can Check Your Problem by our own So Give Us You aia File To Test . So We Can Check what’s the Problem

Makeroid is Working On Facebook Interstitial Ads Bug Fixing Hope It Will Be Fixed Soon

Facebook interstitial is the main issue

Admob banner and interstitial ads are not working …i tried keeping everything same in AppyBuilder and Thunkable and the ads are working please fix this issue as soon as possible

If admob banner ads is not working for you then please create a new bug topic.
And too show us there what you have tried.

ok i will create an new bug topic

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