Admob ads showing problem

(kajal Mondal) #1

my abmob ad request 50k and impression only 5 to 6k (per day) why?
I’m using custom packege name
my apps download 100k+
and active users 70k
i do not use ecpm
And block is perfectly right

The app that I created from thunkable was the exact same way I created an app from makeroid. I just changed the keystore

When I used to thunkable, my impression would have been 20k and earning 11 $ and now only 1.30 to 1.80 $

:persevere: plz help team makeroid

(Chetan Singh) #2

Send your app link and also show your active users screenshot. And It is possible if you put your ad in the place where no one is going


Maybe you should ask such questions admob and not us.

(Chetan Singh) #5

Visit your ad mob account and check how many times the ad was requested and how many times the ad was shown

(Chetan Singh) #6

If request was High and impression was low then this problem comes from admob not from Makeroid.

(kajal Mondal) #7

I think my ads are not show from makeroid

(Chetan Singh) #8

can you explain how?

(Chetan Singh) #9

Where did you put your ad and note that how long it took to load the ad

(kajal Mondal) #10

Because when I used to thunkable my impression 20k now use makeroid now impression 5 to 6k

(Chetan Singh) #11

With same app and same ad id?

(kajal Mondal) #12

If there is no problem in the makeroid platform
How do I contact the admob team

(Chetan Singh) #13


(safety first) #15

Admob not working after loading my app

(Milan Patel) #16

hello sir , my application not show ads what is problem ???