Admob Ads not Showing Up in Latest Update

Admob Ads not showing up.

Ads are only showing up in makeroid Live test but when I export APK, ads don’t show up.
blocks are correct.

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have you start your package name from com.
or io. ???

I did not change anything its as it was. Ads were showing up 2-3 days ago but suddenly stopped showing up. My AdSense account is all ok.

I just tested my app with custom package name and ads are loading normally

I am also facing the same problem. App with Custom package name not displaying adds. Same .aia when uploaded to thunkable platform and added the admob there, ads are working. Some problem is definitely there with Makeroid Admob. Please help.

I Think Its Happen Because In Latest Update If You Want To Show Ad Then 1st Load Ad Then Show Ad.

Load I can understand but where is the option to show the ad? do you mean to change the state visible?

Ads are being displayed properly. Medicine I used, Admob inside the horizontal arrangement.
Height of the horizontal arrangement set to 13%.

Its working properly when height is 13% to 20%.

Hope this will help.
Thank you.