[PAID] NeuMorphZ - Introducing Neumorphic CardView

Hey Everyone,
Here is my new extension using which you can create neumorphism.

Also you can use it as Simple CardView with different corner radius and different shadow color.


To Create Card

All blocks to create a card have many similar properties so explaining it in below -

id - Unique id for to create any new card
arrangement - Any Horizontal or Vertical on which you want to create Neumorphism effect
style - Type of neumorph effect you want
radius - This parameter is only in available in CreateCard. Radius must be given as string of all corners by separating it with , w.r.t. TopLeft, TopRight, BottomRight, BottomLeft. If you give two values then it will take first value as both Top Corner and Bottom Corner radius. If you give one value then it will be same for all corners
cornerRadius - This parameter is only available in PolygonCard. its value of all the corner radius.
ShadowPositionXY - X and Y Positon of shadow must be given as string respectively by separating with comma , . if given one value then it will be taken for both X and Y.
lightColor - the light color of shadow.
darkColor - the dark color of shadow you want.
backgroundColor - as name says its a background color of card you are creating


Its a simple block to change the neumorphic effect of the card you created


This block can be used to enable and disable click. Also you can trigger touch animation using it.


Using this block you can set border of any size and color in the card.

Type of Style

These are some type of supported style to create neumorphic effect


This event will be triggered when card will get a click or long click



The preview of above block is the first circle card in the preview shared below



Version 1
Version 2

How to buy?

Upi/Paytm/GPay - Rs.500
Transfrwise/Paypal/Skrill - $9

Thanks you so much:heart:


Great , thank you :slight_smile:

how can we add views in it?

Thanks you so much

So you can add view to horizontal or vertical arrangment

Example has been added in the first post

OP :fire: :fire:(katai tabahi) Nice work @nikzdevz

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Thanks you so much @WeMakeBest
and its katai tabahi i think :joy:

Changed. :fire:

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Nice Extension

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Wow, amazing extension :ok_hand:

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Good, also this may make with Shadow Layout+KevinkunEnhance

I have tried the extension, and it’s easy to use. I was trying to make neomorphic design in kodular from long time, but can’t succeeded. But this extension fulfilled my needs.

I know it would be better than this, but I am learning to use colour combinations :sweat_smile::grin:

Great Extension @nikzdevz :+1:


You must give a try as you cant use two shadow color also if you use different corner radius then the arrangement will got outside the edge or border

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Thnx you so much @themaayur :heart:

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Guys like you are pushing the limits of no-code environment everyday. Hats off to you br0th3r. :heart:


Please do not compare extensions or post this way. Extensions are unique and differ in features and other things. BTW this is a nice extension. Especially for Designers like me long ago :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I’ve seen people who efficiently solved the problem using some calculations :slightly_smiling_face:

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create 2 shadow arrangement :slightly_smiling_face:

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I have not compared in opposing manner also i just said about clipping

its a trick and you can
but what about neumorphic click animation
styles and custom corner radius and many more things

A preview of inner shadow -

A preview of click animation-

Neumorphism and Shadow are two other thing.
As @Xoma said

I think that will not be this effective

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Very nice. If I buy the extension, is there a little test aia that shows the effects, as seen in the video? I have little time to get used to it.

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You just misunderstood me Nik.

I was saying it to @sergii :sweat:

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