[PAID] PayPal Extension to add payment system in you app

Extension Overview:

The "PayPal Extension By @Black_Knight " is your entry point for incorporating PayPal’s strength into your Kodular applications. With the help of this dynamic plugin, the PayPal API may be easily accessed by your apps. Its clever construction makes it simple to retrieve access tokens using client credentials, bringing up a plethora of options for creating payment features.



Explanation :

Step 1: Set Up Your Project

  1. Open Kodular and create a new project or open an existing one.

Step 2: Add Components

  1. Drag and drop a “WebViewer” component from the “User Interface” section onto your screen.
  2. Drag and drop the “Paypal” extension component onto the screen.

Step 3: Design Your User Interface

  1. Arrange your components on the screen as you wish. You might want to add buttons or labels for user interaction.

Step 4: Blocks Setup

  1. In the Blocks section, set up the logic to interact with the PayPal API using the extension and Web Viewer.
  2. Set the ClientId and ClientSecret properties of the PayPal extension.
  3. When the user performs an action (e.g., clicking a button), call the GetAccessToken function of the PayPal extension to obtain an access token.
  4. In the AccessTokenObtained event, call the MakePayPalPayment function to initiate a payment and obtain the payment link (href).
  5. In the PaymentInfoObtained event, parse the response and use the ExtractHrefFromLinks function to get the payment link.
  6. Load the extracted payment link into the Web Viewer using the Go to URL block.

Step 5: Handle Web Viewer Page Loaded and Redirect URLs

  1. Use the Web Viewer’s PageLoaded event to detect when the PayPal payment page has loaded.
  2. In the PageLoaded event, check the URL of the Web Viewer. If the URL matches the “cancel_url,” it indicates a cancelled payment.
  3. If the URL matches the “return_url,” it indicates a successful payment. You can show a success message to the user in this case.
  4. after successful payment you have to use the capture_amount block to capture your price

steps in one image :




Thanks to @Ruben_Pietrobelli who tested this Extension and confirm that is working fine with him
Preview image
successful payment in live mode


You can buy it via PayPal it costs 12$ after your payment you will directed to the download URL of the Extension

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Download link??

updated with working URLs

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It seems that it doesn’t wirk on koduler?

Could you explain how it doesn’t work?

any error message? show us your build log…

I apologize, the error was mine, because this apk was not built in kodular, therefore it threw an error. I just took the extension in a new apk and it worked, so far I couldn’t get the paypal test mode to work, but it does work

No problem man the aia is for mit app invrntor but it could be work with Kodular too .
did live mode works with you ?

@Ruben_Pietrobelli Extension updated to include Test with sandbox in addition to Livemode
you can now able to test with your PayPal account

and thanks for your feedback .

Topic updated with new functions now extension working fine