[PAID] UnityAds: Implement Unity Ads with latest SDK - v4.12.0 ($6 or INR 421)

1. Introduction

Description: This extension ships with latest and stable Unity Ads SDK (4.12.0) to provide you the best possible experience. You can add Banner, Interstitial and Rewarded Ads in your app using this extension.
Latest Version: 2
Released: 2024-05-17T18:30:00Z
Last Updated: 2024-06-27T18:30:00Z
Aix Size: 3.6 mb

Note: This extension does not have any Mediation support

2. Blocks


3. Usage

Initialize Unity Ads Sdk

You can set GameId and TestMode from Designer Properties also

Load and Show Banner Ad

Load and Show Interstitial Ad

Load and Show Rewarded Ad

4. Purchase Extension

5. Demo Video

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Good job @vknow360

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Hello, Good job but i want to kwnow if it works with NIOTRON and if we will receive update after purchasing? thanks

ChangeLog Version 2

  • Updated SDK to 4.12.0
  • Added RemoveBannerAd block
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