ParkFare - Parking Management System

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ParkFare - Parking Management System

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ParkFare is a comprehensive parking management app designed for efficient vehicle tracking and fare calculation. Ideal for parking attendants, this app simplifies the process of registering vehicles, issuing tokens, and calculating parking fees with customizable fare settings.

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Title: ParkFare - Parking Management System

Key Features:

  1. Vehicle Registration & Token Issuance: Easily register 2-wheelers and 4-wheelers by recording number plates and generating QR-coded tokens containing vehicle data and entry datetime.
  2. Customizable Fare Structure: Tailor parking fees based on intervals - set rates per 30 minutes, 30-60 minutes, and hourly charges. Flexibly choose currency symbols as needed.
  3. Seamless Unparking: Scan the QR code on the token or manually search to unpark a vehicle, triggering automatic fare calculation according to the configured fare structure.
  4. Daily Reports: Generate and print daily reports using a default printer, enabling easy tracking of parking activity and revenue.
  5. Device Registration & Authentication: Register device IDs in the database for secure access to server addresses. Use JWT token verification for user authentication and CRUD activities.
  6. Compatibility: Optimized for POS devices with integrated Bluetooth printers or personal devices equipped with 58mm or 80mm thermal network printers.

Note for Testing:

To test the app, provide the Device ID for enrollment. Upon opening the app, the enrollment status is checked. If unenrolled, use the “Send Device ID” feature to quickly email the necessary details for enrollment in the demo/testing environment.

Kodular Extensions Used:

  • Thermal Printing (Paid)
  • JsonTools (Free)
  • ColintreeListview (Free)
  • Alphadialog (Free)
  • Appstore_Listview (Paid)

ParkFare simplifies parking management, enhancing efficiency for parking attendants and providing a hassle-free experience for vehicle owners. Experience seamless vehicle tracking, fare calculation, and reporting with this intuitive parking management app.

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