Paste Text On Another App!

Hi , Is it possible when pressing the button (button1), the application pastes a certain text from the clipboard to another application, for example, WhatsApp or Facebook ?

As per my knowledge, you can accomplish that on Whatsapp.

For Whatsapp,

You can follow this. Try to open the link with Activity Starter to send messages to a specified person ( number that you included ) Whatsapp.

You can use their protocol if you want them to share the message. Like sharing the prefilled message to a group/person by their own. This works same as sharing components.

whatsapp://send?text=The text to share!
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thanks for your reply , but i need to do it on any app , like chrome , facebook not only whatsapp :innocent:

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You’re welcome. They provide API’s or protocols do that. You can try searching the platform to get to know about them.

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means on web browsers then wait let me try something

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@Aditya_Nanda Sure , i will wait you :star_struck:

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any news ? :grin: @Aditya_Nanda

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I want to confirm that the text the text which is a copied will be searched on Browser

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No, just put it in any writing box on any site…

for example :

Means you want to past that in website ??

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yes , excatly :ok_hand:

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Then @vknow360 will help you to do this he is expert in this website work :grin:

i hope that :grin:

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What’s the issue btw?

I want when I press a button in the application…

It pastes specific text into a text box in a specific location on the Google Chrome app, not my app


That’s not possible.

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not a problem :frowning: thank you :slight_smile:

:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:At last something’s are not possible

We can’t do everything we want :joy:

really if the website belongs to you then edit it according to app :roll_eyes: :thinking: :thinking:

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