Payment not Received


Dear Diego,
According to the above photos I was sent $150 USD by Kodular on 4th
May but on 4th May an email told me that my information was incorrect and I was asked for my full legal name by Kodular and I complied. I also submitted the full name.
And today is 18th May and the payment is still not credited in my Bank Account.
And no action has been received from kodular regarding the payment.
Please guide me as to when I will receive my payment.
I also know that your response in the community is very quick and you resolve the issues very quickly.
So I hope you will solve my problem soon.

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Omg you still didn’t receive your payment @Diego please help him hope you will receive your payment soon on

Today is 19th May but I have not received the payment yet please give me any information regarding this.

Thank you very much Kodular team I just received my payment a little while ago.
But it seems to me that I may have received the payment twice.
You can investigate it if it is really correct then you can deduct it from the next payment.