Pick some items with two condition

i want to pick some random item from dictionary with two condition .
match with “topic” and every topic pick random 30 item . can any one guide me.

first create a dictionary and create various lists according to the topics, then use “if the thing is in the list” and add the textbox in the thing, then use the random block.

Ok . And pick only 30 item in every topic . Can u give me solutions in blocks

It seems only one condition(contains ‘topic’). for random 30 items just refer taifun snippets page

How to pick a random item from a list without picking duplicates? @Taifun #snippets

for random 30 items
Sorry but i want 30 item from every topic (randomly)

How many items is there in every topic?

5 Topic × 30 items =150 items

30 item (randomly) From 1 topic .

Create a procedure once got list from topic then …No duplicates picked