Pics show little in new device

Hi, (sorry for my english), the question is, i made an app and test in a 4 inches screen cellphone and in a mate 10 lite with 5.9 inches screen, and the app and the images, show perfectly.

Now i test the app in a Y9 2019 with 6.5 inches screen, and the app work perfectly, but the images show little.

Please give me an idea for solve this.

Extra info:

Mate 10 Lite 1080x2160pixels 409ppi
Y9 2019 1080x2340pixels 396ppi

The original size of the pics in the app, is 200x200 pixels, but i set that show 150x150.

It actually never happened with me and I am not sure about my answer. Try to adjust image size with %age like 50%, 60%. Hope this will work


thank you so much, i will try…

Set your image resolution it happen with me the image of background and icon was showing perfect in my device but it was not good when I see in my friend phone then I set image resolution as per this and my problem solved Image Size for Background and Icon etc

thanks for your answers.

i have to wait many days to have the oportunity to test the app in another phone. now i have tested the app in 2 new phones with screens of 6.5 and 6.3, and the results was perfect, no any problem like the past Y9.

i was thinking that maybe was a configuration that the Y9 owner has in his phone.

thanks you so much.

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