Pictures stopped showing in ColinTree Slideshow after edit from 3 in list to 12 in list

Hi. I’m having trouble getting the pictures to show. I use ColinTree Slideshow Extension, and when I started using it I only had Oktober, November and December 2018, then it worked, with getting by numbers 1 to 3 by 1, but now that I’ve added the whole year it stopped working. Why? Now pictures won’t show :thinking: Here’s my blocks:

Hello @Choofa
Rename your pictures like 1.png, 2.png,… , 12.png ( instead of names you have presently)
and then under Screen1.Initialize event use blocks like below

Also there is no need of creating a list of your pictures, if you use this method.
:slight_smile: :+1:

Nice, I will try :+1:

Still does not show pictures with these blocks :thinking:

That should not happen. I rechecked my blocks again this time by adding 12 images(previously I added only 7). Everything works fine for me. Below are my blocks of the same.

Can you show the blocks after the change you made?

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I think maybe it’s because I have the main arrangement hidden. I think I have to initialize everything on the button that makes the main arrangement visible. I will try after work later this day :nerd_face:

Ok… Do let me know the result you get. :slight_smile:

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What happened? Was your query solved?

Oh, sorry for the delay, I forgot to give the solution. I will share after work :+1:

EDIT: I don’t know why, but when I added the clock it worked, see here how I got it to work (1000ms):


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