Problem with collin tree image

the first image it dont show, what wrong with my block ?

Post a screenshot of the blocks you use to create list

Is the first image png??

No prob with block. Can you share the first url… if not use image utility to show the image PNG <= NO SPACE BETWEEN DOT AND PNG

No image

.PNG not .png (turn caplock on) png jpg
i’ve try several times with .png and .jpg, it dont show.

im afraid forum not allow user post link ^.^

For me the two links loads in colintree

when i ticked asyncimageload IT WORK !
Thank you @dora_paz very much.

maybe freehost is main problem, when i use img with https://…, it work, my freehost is http://… it dont work !
i tried with google drive it work, only my freehost ( app.infinityfree. net) it dont work !

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