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Infinity Maps

[ENGLISH] This application allows unlimited access, without data or Wifi connection, to the map. You can zoom in / out, track your position and change the type of Map. [SPANISH] Esta aplicación permite acceso ilimitado, sin datos o conexión Wifi, al mapa. Podras acercar/alejar, rastrear tu posición y cambiar el tipo de Mapa.

[ENGLISH] Only available in the PlayStore [SPANISH] Solo disponible en la PlayStore:

Disponible en Google Play

Make Kodular :kodular:


[ENGLISH] More features will be added in future updates, such as a search engine, bookmarks, and more …
[SPANISH] Se agregaran mas caracteristicas en próximas actualizaciones, como un buscador, marcadores, y mas…

[ENGLISH] It only works with certain Operators. A list will be provided later
[SPANISH] Solo funciona con cierto Operadores. Mas adelante se proporcionara una lista


Yes, this is a Maps app maybe, but if you write description in English, we will understand more.

But how without connecting to internet

Inside is a VPN application that creatme and modifies, allowing me access to Google Maps. All this access is controlled and limited to buyers

It means you have bought a VPN server and allow only to your users

Wrong deduction. And you can tell you’re a troll

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Now now, let’s not get too feisty too fast…

Don’t you think even if he would allow VPN in his app, he could set it to instead of just buying one? Don’t assume if you don’t know all the facts.

I made some updates in the application BETA.

Version Beta 0.2b

  • You can use a generic (limited) key to use The Map. In the App it tells you how to get it (Only in Spanish).
  • You can purchase a subscription to have an unlimited password (Monthly payment) to use it in the app.
  • Fixed some errors in the interface.

Because the Kodular Store does not work well, or does not load, I will share the APK here:
InfinityMaps.apk (5,8 MB)

Hice algunas actualizaciones en la BETA de la aplicacion:

  • Podra usar una clave generica (limitada) para poder usar El Mapa. En la App te dice como conseguirla (Solo en español).
  • Podra adquirir una suscripsion para tener una clave ilimitada (Pago mensual) para usarla en la app.
  • Se han corregido algunos errores en la interfaz.

Debido ah que la Store de Kodular no funciona bien, o no me carga, compartire el APK aqui:
InfinityMaps.apk (5,8 MB)

I am selling this project. Send Inbox

This project is useful for mobile operators that have access to freebasic. You could have a google StaticMap api ready to use.

StaticMap - Google

Freebasic by Facebook