Please anyone help me for creating a Rank List from Airtable or Google Sheet

I need Rank List from Descending Order, Like Rank | ID | Mark in this format, Pls anyone help me. Am creating an app for Exams. Here I Attach my Blocks

Did you try listUtils extension…?

Try to use bubble sort the list

Am Using List Addon Extention. It sorts only the Marks, But Name will not ascending

Refer here

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Why not use google sheets rank formulas to do the work, then bring the results down to your app ?

Select Data Form Spreadsheet (Like Vlookup data form Spreadsheet) - #3 by TimAi2?

You can use query and use sort of your data

I didn’t understand whether you want to get all the column information with an identifier in column A

So Finally, I used Sort Query and Retrive it. Thanks to Everyone…!