Please anywone can help me with this error 908

Please anywone can help me with this stupid bug i trie everything and the same happens…

Please im desperate…

Im triyng make when i click a button make a phone call and yes i trie with "
activity initiator and the same happens…

Makeroid - Google Chrome_8

Makeroid - Google Chrome

you have to enable read_external_storage permission

enable READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE you denied it

But how I do this??? I new in this “workplace”

what are you talking are you testing in companion or using apk

how do i enable read_external_storage permission.
im testing in companion

(sorry for my english error :P)

when starting this app it will ask for permission,give the permission if it did’t ask test it with apk

My companion have all permissions of my phone and when i trie download the .apk give me this error…

Sem nome - Google Chrome

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what about trying your app in APK format.

I trie but when i download the APK give me this error…
Sem nome - Google Chrome

are you using firebase ??

I used before but i cant make what i want so i remove the firebase from my code

Please check your all screens again

You might have deleted the blocks, but the components might remain, causing a problem.
(If you have deleted the default URL in the designer)

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