How to solve error 908 in app

I had created an app to send sms (text message ) via a phone number . I had entered the contact number but it shows " Error 908 …THE permission Send_Sms has been denied . Please enable it in the setting app "
it would be good if this problem is solved :slight_smile: .Thanking you in advance .
here is the code that i had writtten .

I can’t see the block where you ask for permission to send sms !!!
You insert that !!!

It will not work in companion


hi can u just try removing unused blocks
hope it works coz it happens with me too

How can i insert that ? is it an extension ??
Thanking U in advance

Use ask for permission block in the screen blocks to ask for the permission

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Not an extension , see

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The Texting component should ask for this permission automatically:


Thank U , it is working as i scanned the apk and solved the issue :slight_smile:


How do i get the permission . Where is it available ??

Are you planning to publish your app on Play Store.

If so then Google will not accept it

Yes , i am going to publish it in my Playstore . How can i solve this issue ?

yes i am going to publish in Google playstore . If so , how can i solve the problem .
Thanking U in advance :slight_smile:

Is this how the permission is to be called .?
Thanking U in advance .

Yes, but as I said:

But as @Boban said:

So use Activity Starter:


Hi mam,
I had done the block . My app sends sms to another phone . Is this blocks enough ?

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I add these blocks, try them if you want

dear mam.
what is the importance of activity starter extras sms body textdescrition ?

I have no idea

A question
You no longer get the error 908?
I continue with the same error and I already added the blocks that explain the others but when entering they continue to come out …

I dint get any error . when i press send button, it directly goes to “messages” app in the device . I can send the message from my phone to the required number .