Please can ANYONE tell me what Im doing wrong here!

Hi All

I get the following error

Runtime Error
The operation select list item cannot accept the arguments: , [(DC48 -605-1/5 DC48 -682-2/5 DC48 -425-3/5 DC48 -755-4/5 DC48 -545-5/5)], [DC48 -605-1/5]

( I also cant work out where the last repeat DC48 -545-5/5)], [DC48 -605-1/5] is coming from


I’m actually trying to insert each individual item into a MySQL database

Help, anyone?

Thanks t

Just use get item


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Index should be a integer

He is using for each item so he doesn’t need to select list item list…number just get item

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Tanks everyone,

Just an idea…

Rather than do an insert every milli-second, is there a way I can write te values to variables and just do ONE insert at the end

Hi Dora

My blocks are

Putting what I get in a notifier, I get this. Perfect!

question is how to get the items out individually

Problem is im PUTTING THEM BACK INTO A ANOTHER LIST! (which I suspect is what I should not be doing???

I tried your suggestion but no luck

Any Ideas as to what I can try next



Either you work with for each number in list or with each item in list. You should learn to manipulate lists

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See your notifier, how many spaces is there. Really what you wanna do with that list??

But see your blocks, you are missing the logic…

Both are same . This will never work… if you wann add items means , the list must be different . Use another global variable and in the item, use split at spaces get item

@Avraham_Yerachmielbenzvi , I hope you got my point…

Dora, you hit the nail ON THE HEAD.

Ive never truely really understood the difference

I should be working WITH EACH ITEM in the list because its each item that I want to write down to the database???

Am I right??

I can see you are trying to help me and thanks for that, but I dont understand??

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  1. Create a new variable
  2. Replace the for exact item yellow block with this combination, and try then let us know.

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Thanks Im going to do that and Im sure it will work. I will let you know


what Im really trying to do is to get the individual items into a database???

my php works fine hardcoded

Do you want to post to php or to get from php ?


If you want post then use the new global variable in the place of old one where actually you used to post

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insert (as per new pic)


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I think you are looking at here,

Pls see the picture whether you are able to understand or not.

Remove the select list item list and instead use split text at spaces get item and try.

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rather like this?

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That is what I said on #post2

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No , we(Dora & I am) advised you to use the block get item

Split text at spaces get item

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