Please give me an idea for an app

Hello Koders,

Sub :- Plz Give Me Idea For Creating App.

Please Give Me Idea For Creating an app on kodular
because of lockdown my school is over therefore i want to create app in this time

A smart home app to control whatever you want as example a table light.


Please search the forum before asking any question.

Is it possible to develope a remote control for my Samsung tv via WLAN?

ask to @Mika

but everything is possible

Maybe. Never tried it myself. Not sure if they have a API.
Because you can already use her “Smart Things” app.

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Maths Solver App using OCR technology ? . Is It Possible On Kodular???

Create a virtual assistant like jarvis, WMUA,Siri like, then put a features where users can add/modify or personalize some commands… In this case the app while not depends on the built in commands itself, u just need to put unique components to support every commands

But It Will Do Not Work Like Siri. Because It Will Not An A.I.

Agree, A.I features with a support of Api or other stuff will make the app cooler and unique

yes & Thanks For Your Suggetion

I’ve already developed a personal assistant, here:
And how can I control the smart home through my app?

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i made a jarvis to turn on flashlight when i say jarvis turn on laser

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