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Can we make an app to control mobile home when you are in long distance with cloud computing example you forgot to off your room light you need to off right now that time you can use the app do you have any suggestions and ideas to make this app

Can’t say about app like this from kodular,. But that will surely require an hardware requirement. Google is already offering that functionality,… with their own app and hardware…

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Thank you. But could you find other information or website to make it

Yes, You can Build this type of application. But You need many thing and must a good knowledge of this. You can use Firebase Cloud services and must need such kind of driver which should be installed in the mobile and in the room light. You can command your driver to do that in the Light bulb & the Firebase will be the communication method in this case.

In my case I have built such like this but using Bluetooth & Syska Led Bulb which already have a driver. Just need to modify some values and thats all.

But you need to research about this.

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Better refer mit app inventor guide. I think I have seen something related controlling one equipment over Bluetooth or something like. But I am not sure. If you refer you would have get some idea, but I repeat i am not sure about controlling a mechanical parts

Here it is, may be this could help you…

The same thing only i have seen in app inventor guide 2, yesss


Thank you. It’s very helpful. One more time thank you for spend your time for me


Thank you it’s very helpful to me.

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