Unique App idea

I want to build an app, I focus on UI and functionality…can someone suggest me an app idea, that:

  1. Is unique
  2. Serves some purpose
  3. Is not attached to an existing application (like WhatsApp status saver etc)

I will be really grateful.

  1. An app that will control a robot to do your household chores.

  2. No one likes doing housework so every single human being in the world will be grateful to you.

  3. Create a robot to do the work. Then create the app and link it to the robot.


AI Friend

Never Keeps You Lonely

Try it Out Very Hard but Unique
Community is Always there if need any help

Image reference: Give me some app ideas - #4 by deanart2012
You seem to be a housework victim! Any discord right there? Will be happy to help you? Or else, there are many matrimonial apps in the world…it could help you.
Don’t repeat a single joke, since it is against the rules for anyone else. Tell me, I can delete this topic(Not sure if Kodular will allow me to do so even).

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You can get some ideas from here