Please Help .... IP address Not showing in Companion App

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Companion App didn’t showing IP address And therefore I couldn’t connect companion app to creator … I tried Reinstalling , Clearing data & Chache Restarting Companion App … There is no effect Please help me because I am now at finishing time of my large project … please …
I didn’t hadn’t this problem before , This is first time …

Android version : 8.0.0

Companion Version : 1.4D.1 Eagle

Please Any one help me … :sweat: :disappointed:

How did you connect companion and kodular?

Tethering mode or wife mode?

i.e mobile network connected with PC or PC network connected with mobile…

Your screenshot says network is ON (So wifi OFF) in mobile, If so, PC may connected with LAN network. If both mobile and PC are in same network only, companion will show IP address otherwise you cannot get it.

Connect You Device With WiFi Then Only It will Show

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This is not bug
So I changed the The Topic Title

#Bugs ------> #Discuss

Thanks a lot

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