Please help Me How to make a list of contact numbers

Please help me. How to make a list of contact numbers. For example. When I make a new contact. Enter name. Telephone number and images. In the texbox column. The contact that I made entered the list. And when I re-open the application list the contact list doesn’t return to normal. All Tutorials on YouTube only provide a method manually. I want to use the Images view list component. Then firebase so that contacts can be backup … Like Google Contacts.

Do you want a contact register in a Firebase bank and do not want it to be manually? As well ?

If you aren’t storing the data in any database or tinydb then the contents will get lost… Lists or variables store values until the app is running once the app gets closed the data is lost

Just take a list view with image component.
When all details are filled in text boxes and clicked on add contact just add list item to the list with your details.

If you want to upload it on database then store these contact list values to the firebase database.

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