Policy issues Your app has the following policy issues. Fix the violations and make sure your app meets all policy requirements before resubmitting.

Help Me. Now please

Click on View Details to know more about the issue. Data Safety Section, in a simplified form, describes that you’ve to let the Google Play know what data you collect from user and how you use them. That’s all it means. :heavy_check_mark:


My app doesn’t collect any personal data, but google says the following issue found in your app

Issue Details:

Policy Declaration for Play Safety Label: Location Data Type - Precise Location

How to fix this issue, please guide me .Thanks

The way you fullfilled your form probably is different of what is found in your app. For example, if you said the app never track user location but in app permissions there is a moment where the app may ask for user location you will have to remove this permission from your app or change the answers you gave in the form

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That’s what you’re saying, but not the Google Play team! What they said is that your app is sharing user’s Precise Location with you and/or other third party.