Help: Invalid Data safety section

Any one please help me how i solve this issue:

"Issue: Invalid Data safety section

We reviewed your app’s Data safety section in Play Console and found discrepancies between it and how the app collects and shares user data. All apps are required to complete an accurate Data safety section that discloses their data collection and sharing practices - this is a requirement even if your app does not collect any user data.

We detected user data transmitted off device that you have not disclosed in your app’s Data safety section as user data collected.

Issue details

We found an issue in the following area(s):

  • Policy Declaration for Play Safety Label : Location Data Type - Precise Location

Starting in February 2022 , Data safety sections reviewed and approved will start appearing to users; make any changes needed by then. Starting April 2022 , your app must be in compliance with this policy or app updates will be rejected. If your app continues to be non-compliant beyond April 2022 your app may face additional enforcement actions in the future.

Please make changes to align your app’s Data safety section with the app’s behavior. This can be done by either:

  • Updating your form in Play Console to declare collection of Data Types noted below; or
  • Removing unwanted functionality and attributable code that collects this user data from your app or libraries used in your app, and when applicable to deactivate all non-compliant APKs.
    • To deactivate non-compliant APKS, you can create a new release and upload a compliant APK to each track containing the non-compliant APKs.
    • Be sure to increment the APK version code. If using staged rollout, be sure to set the release to 100% rollout.

Policy: Data safety section in Google Play User Data policy

Have anyone faced similar problem?

Yeah offcourse. Google Play Console is asking for our application that how much permissions it’s need and what data need in app and where that data store and what is use of that data. So, Google can show to users that how much detail that app gona ask.

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Please stop spamming the forum with the same thing over and over. You already have a topic about this issue. Please stick to it.

well if you are collecting users location or using it in any way just say yes…

some components or extensions could be using it if it is not intentional but you have to declare it anyways

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Would you please share with me the same topic that I posted???
I’m not spamming, I have an issue with my app and I’m requesting some help.

Please tell me where I said anything to you.

I was talking to CyberPunk as he was posting the same thing over and over in multiple topics.

In future please don’t spread lies about me or try to make out I have done something when I haven’t. Stop trolling and stop being being so dishonest.