Possible BUG on Got Value Firebase with Labels?

Hello everyone, this bug came to me almost since the last update, I’m not sure, but when I make a request to firebase, call correctly.

The problem arises when the value changes, for example:

Tag: Red -> “color1”
Tag: Blue -> “Color2”

If I change the value of the Red Tag for another content it is also repeated in TagBlue.

TagRed -> “Value 1”
TagBlue -> “Value 1”

I only have these blocks, and it is easy to realize.

If I change the TagRed value for another content the TagBlue is also repeated.

I’m using 2 labels.

There is a but: The value of the database the values are correct, they do not suffer changes, only the Labels are repeated.


Please do the test, I’m sure I’m not the only one.

  • I’m using Firebase and Firebase Auth


Can you confirm the same from Firebase dashboard?

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Yes, it also happens if I change the values directly from the Firebase panel.

Each time when you change anything in your database, the block when data changed will triggerd. You have to change your blocks in a other way . Like when data changed, If Tag=Blue than… and if tag = red than … or in a other way. But the block will each time triggerd if anything is changed in your database.

Yep if your firebase url is same for all firebase component all of these component triggered.You need check tag