Potential for browser to execute Javascript code?

So a couple of months back I created a new topic to ask if I could somehow implement browser automation to my project (the potential for a WebDriver to use the browser in order to interact with a webpage, for example filling a textbox or clicking a button, Link for topic: Selenium browser automation in Kodular ). Someone suggested using JavaScript and forcing the browser to execute a JS file which was a good alternative to using Selenium on Android. The WebViewer component has only the option enable and disable JS execution and I’ve already tried using CustomWebView which is kind of buggy and I avoid using it because of this, but now I found a new extension which could help me achieve this ( Link: [FREE] WebViewTools Extension Version 8 ). I would appreciate it if anyone could confirm that this could help towards achieving this purpose or better yet suggest a more effecient way of doing this.

Thanks in advance!