[FREE] WebViewTools Extension Version 8

Hi there,

I’ve just released Version 8 of WebViewTools Extensions which includes a number of requested features, including getting the source HTM of a website, triggering an event if there’s an error loading the page, and switching between mobile and desktop modes, check it out!


Nice work…

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Can this extension block ads? Like it’s not necessary to block it, but I wish it wouldn’t appear in the pop-up.

Good question, I have managed to block popup and redirect ads in the past using the SetOverrideURLChange method, however this would only work for one domain at a time, if you want your users to go between different websites this may not be a solution for you.

Hello, there’s a little problem when you try to dissociate the web view.


Error : Attempt to invoke virtual method ‘void android.webkit.WebView.removeJavascriptInterface(java.lang.String)’ on a null object reference

I don’t think it comes from my blocks I tried different ways to make it work but without result I wonder if version 8 is compatible with Kodular.

In any case thank you for your work!

It’s funny you say that because I just had someone else message me with that issue, there were actually some bugs with the RemoveWebView function. I have now released a version 9 which fixes these issues and adds a new feature, OnProgressChanged event.

Download it at: WebViewTools Extension for App Inventor

Enjoy! :slight_smile:


Awesome! What a coincidence lol, thanks to you for the speed I’ll try this :grinning:

Please add. File upload options .

Plz make it support website inner share link or external app link open in outside webview app

How do i use setDomStorageEnabled for my Webview?