Selenium browser automation in Kodular

Hey guys!

So I’ve been working with browser automation in python for a bit and I was wondering if I could implement something like that with an extension or smart hack. As far as I know you can accomplish this with Appium or Selendroid and I was wondering if all that complexity with these could be avoided here. Has anyone ever thought/tried this here?


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Not sure exactly what you you want you want to implement. Can you provide more info about what your intended extension will do?

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What OP wants to say is having a WebDriver component in Kodular.

WebDrivers can interact on browsers, so elements in the web pages can be interacted programmatically. For example WebDrivers can click on “Login” button in a webpage, then filling the TextBoxes automatically by sending keyboard keys, and more.

There is a WebDriver library already to do in the Windows, GNU/Linux etc, named “Selenium” that works on C#, Python, Java, Ruby and JavaScript. But OP wants to have a component for it.

As a workaround, you can execute JavaScript in the WebViews, so you can select elements and interact with it by using JavaScript.


Thank you very much for your reply! It was very helpful for me. :grin:

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