Problem I updating custom list view with text and image

I don’t understand how to update data in custom list view with image and text.
There is an option for updating but I am confused how to update a perticular list view.
For example, if I want to update the image whose (title is UserName) or (Postion = 3)
I just wanted to know how to use update block in custom list view

Try something like this, note that position starts from 0, so setting position to 0 updates first item


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How can I get position with title?
I am creating list views from firebase database
Q2- whenever a new value is inserted it go to the last of the list how can I change it so that whenever new data is found it inserts at the top of the list

When you add new tags in firebase it is sorted out in ascending order. (Only in firebase database)

But when you call tag list then it is not sorted out So you have to sort data according to your needs either with blocks or with an extension

So actually what you do is every time you got new data you clear listview and re create it


Thanks a lot

this is the simple process @Top_english_Stories , irrespective you no need to use the block update item and all… try to work smarter

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