Problem in tinydb backup extension

I am using KIO4_GetTinyDB extension to Backup the tinydb data. backup is working fine. But when i try to retrieve those backup data to tinydb it shows a runtime error “Attemp to invoke virtual method’void’ on a null object reference”

my blocks are
What will be the reason and how to tackle it ?

Is anyone used this extension ? if yes, then please help me to find the solution

Maybe the developer @juananton1991 can help you

If possible pls read this

Read it, But did not find any solution yet. In my case, the file is getting saved in my ASD path. that part is okay. but when i to retrieve it, it just says that error

Try this TinyDBBackup.aia (42.7 KB)

FYI, It contains another extension in it

Your android version

I am using ANDROID 10

Make sure you are able to access the internal asset folder

Thank you. Its is working


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