Problem opening another window

Good morning,
For some time now, I can’t open another screen on Kodular, all my buttons that open another screen don’t work anymore. I created a simple application to really test the problem:
Button1 in Screen1 that opens Screen2…
blocks (2)

What happens when you click the button?
Do you get an error?

If nothing happens, make sure you did not disable button by accident.

There are no error messages. The buttons are active. All my projects that were working are not working now. I’ve even created another Kodular account, cleared the cache, switched computers, used a different operating system… :cold_sweat: :cry:

Did you try this in companion and after export as apk?
IS there another Screen2?

And please answer the question Ken asked. What exactly happens when you click on the button?

I just tested an .aia like yours and it works. So there is no kodular problem.
Here is my aia:
SwitchScreens.aia (15.1 KB)

1- the buttons no longer react; no error message when clicking on the buttons
2- all projects that used to work very well before, don’t work anymore at the moment (I’m just talking about the opening buttons on another window).
3- I exported and imported the project, it’s the same thing
4- I have uninstalled and reinstalled the KODULAR companion application
5- Even after compiling in APK, it’s the same thing, the buttons don’t react (no error message).

Translated with (free version)

I’m on Android 5.1, so my only conclusion is: “Applications compiled on Kodular have problems with Android 5.1. Before that worked very well”.

Okay. I am on Android 7, but the .aia is set up for

API 19 (Android 4.4) Maybe you can take a look into this at Screen1 properties, advanced properties.

I have the same thing but it doesn’t work, I even tested on another Android 5.1 Smartphone, it’s the same.

Check this: switchScreens.apk (4.8 MB)
If the APK works for you build the APK from this: switchScreens.aia (3.2 KB)
and check if it works for you.

Note: This should work regardless of the Android version.


what are your changes and why is your .aia only 3.2 KB and mine 15.1 KB?

@Rene1898 You ask me … you should ask the question yourself and answer it yourself.

True story.