Problem With App Icon

What is dimensions of your icon?

It should be in 512×512

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it is 120X120
is it ok?

No. Resize it to 512×512.

This is most accepted size.

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thank you for support

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If your problem is solved then mark @The_K_Studio answer as solution.

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This is the size of the Play Store icon, not of the launcher icon, see here:


still problem not solve

i tries 144X144 and 512X512

Only uploading the icon image in asset will not work.

Have you set the icon image in designer section under Screen1 properties? :point_down:

Click on image to see full preview


I Know, I Do it Same as u done. Upload in Assets and Select it in Icon Field in Screen 1

What is your icon name?

Show your assets screenshot and screen1 properties.


i tries both name but no result found

See Below

I can’t understand what’s the issue. :confused::question::question:
I just now updated a icon and compiled my one project and it’s working fine with me.

Here it show perfect but not in Mobile

Can you show us your icon? That icon might be corrupted :thinking:

Also just rename it as, icon.png and try again.

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What icon does it shows when app installed.

It shows Kodular’s Default Icon. Don’t show any error msg

Can you share the apk here and try this