Problem with cardview swipe blocks logic

Hello good community first excuse my English I’m new.
I tell you the problem I have: I have a free swipe extension that works ok, but I need to do this: when I click on the image icon, it takes me to a different screen in each image with their respective screens. I show you my blocks. thank you

blocks 1

blocks 2 my logic to open the screens

video example of the app:

Questions regarding DeepHost’s extensions aren’t allowed in the community but I believe this is a logic issue so try like this, on click


Also here in the community we do not shout - use all caps in post, so next time please follow community’s rules

Dora I appreciate your help response, I apologize for the capital letters I wanted to put it as important not as shouting, I just edited that part to avoid misunderstandings with the community I apologize for the misunderstanding and I thank you again I need your help and solution ami issue.

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Isnt???. . .

Type error :slight_smile: Corrected

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