Problem with Control get plain start text

I have a small app that assings “get plain start text” to the “Text” property of a “Label” block in event “Screen1.Initialize”. Nothing more.

When I do this and start the app, an error message appears immediately. The message says:
Bad Argument to Text (<-this is the Title)
The operation Text can not accept the
arguments: , [nothing]

The “Label” block should accept what is returned from “get plain start text”. Or “get plain start text” should return an empty String. It seems to return “null”.

Can You Share The Screenshot of Related Blocks and Error.

It seems that it doesn’t return any thing when there isn’t a value …You can add an if then block…If is not empty get plain start text set label1. text to get plain start text…

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You can use Control#get start value. That function returns an empty String. But it is only a workaround.

The behavior of “get plain start text” is not the same that is documented and imcompatible to App Inventor and other similar programs. And the error message does not really point the problem. It took me several hours to find the cause. You should correct that!

ADDYLIN: The descriptions contains all you need to reproduce the problem. There is nothing more.

If you want an aia example of Start Values, You can visit my blog