Problemas con mi app

Hola a todos, tengo un problema con mi App, resulta que la he diseñado correctamente, cada screen con los componentes necesarios pero a la hora de descargarme la APK e instalarla a mi móvil, los screen cambian de posición es como un caos, no se si es por fallos de kodular o por otra cosa, pero necesito ayuda si alguien más pasó por lo mismo que me diga como lo resolvió por favor :frowning:

In English please.

Hi, welcome.
The rules of the forum are post in English languaje.
I’m sorry but rules are rules. I from Argentina and talk to spanish and I understand your problem.
Please post in english ( you can use any online traslator to do that ) and post some image block.

Las Reglas del Foro son postear en Inglés, puedes usar un traductor online.
The rules of the Forum are post in English, you can use any online traslator.


I have the same problem

TheAlconmax welcome. Please show your blocks, to found the error.

sorry i read the conditions. I expose the problem again. please I need help I don’t know what to do, I have reviewed everything and I don’t see any fault, which makes me think that the problem is kodular.

Hello everyone, I have a problem with my App, it turns out that I have designed it correctly, each screen with the necessary components but when it comes to downloading the APK and installing it on my mobile, the screens change position is like chaos, I don’t know if it is due to kodular failures or something else, but I need help if someone else went through the same thing to tell me how they solved it please. Look at the icons and you will realize what I’m talking about

Hi Rosa,
You say: " the screens change position is like chaos "
Can post some screenshot of smartphone and picture of you block to understand that it is happening

You might not have the correct blocks for switching screens. Please post the relevant blocks.

this is an example, on the first screen I clicked on the notifications icon, and it shows me the screen that should be seen at home, and on the second image I clicked on the user profile icon and instead of showing me the screen User shows me the notification screen.

The home click block is an example of how I have programmed the other blocks. I don’t see the failure


they only let me upload 2 images

I’m not sure of understanding, but you need to add than to show and than to hidden on having pressed every button.

When press Home button set Contenedor_inicio visible to true, Contenedor_notificaciones visible to false and Contenedor_perfil visible to false

When press Notifications button set Contenedor_notificaciones visible to true, Contenedor_inicio visible to false and Contenedor_perfil visible to false

When press User Porfile button set Contenedor_perfil visible to true, Contenedor_inicio visible to false and Contenedor_notificaciones visible to false

Or show button block to see that each one does

Hello everyone, the problem has been fixed, I had some confused blocks. thank you very much to all

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