ProGamr - 40+ offline games , tournament and more [ Beta]

Hi Friends
Below explained is the application created by me after my hard work

Click on the below link to download my application
ProGamr.apk (8.3 MB)

Reviews and ideas to develop my application are highly welcomed

The application is in its beta so it may have many bugs

Play battle and earn coins

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Icons of games on card are not properly set, they are trimmed from left and right side
And also try gradient color for home screen, just a tip:wink:

Do you have permission to package the games and use the images you collected in your app? What license do they have?


This is @passiongamr (my) original account.I created that just as a professional one . But since I am unable to reply with that account I switched to this again

@Peter , Yes I bought those games from codecanyon in which I was given the lisence to use and modify the games . Please review my application after downloading and seeing it.

More Screenshots

It shows app not installed.

@arponjisan , can you try downloading this app

I have tried to download this app from your link but it didn’t work.

Link has been changed , can you try it now?

You could particularly improve your user interface
Try adding gradient color
Or Remove the white areas you can increase the size of icons and text
Otherwise it’s :+1:

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