Progress On new and better Aia & Aix Store

Well as I have said i been working on the new Aia store witch is the improved version of the current Aia store witch other koder have.

I have completed my blueprint and now started on working on the project. So far I have successfully completed Login/Registration system. Along with other server related system. And now next up will be the store itself.

After that I also need to create place for Devlopers to post there project. Well there will be lots of features for the Devlopers in the app and for the users as well.

I’m also working on other systems witch will even make the app even better. Also the beta release should be available on 24 to 30 Feb. If I don’t encounter any issues in real life. Of the project might get delayed.

Well all an all I’m excited about this project what’s your thoughts on this. Is it a good idea to continue or should I stop right away?

Here is a little screenshot on the block so far everything working smoothly.

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