Project is larger than 20 mb

when i build the APK , somtime appear the message that is not possible to compile project bigger than 20 mb.
Tha same projet when i try again to compile more time is compiled.
It is a server problem?

Thank you


Please search the forum before creating a topic. Your question has likely been answered multiple times.

sorry i searched but didn’t find the same problem :frowning:
now i had the same problem:
first time compile : error the project is bigger than 20 mbyte
second time compile : all ok

Tha same project whitout any change

@Kodular I thought we we’re able to compile projects up to 30 MB? :thinking:

There is no big deal in this, you will built/download more than 20 MB of big projects above the kodular,
I use Chrome to download large projects.

Today the problem is persistent.
Tried with firefox and chrome.

This is not a browser related problem.

The problem was the server

When the compiler is off than appear the problem

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