Projects should be sorted according to the date modified

Hello team ,
i have a suggestion for you. kindly sort the projects shown in our account in ‘date modified’ form.
the lastest modified project should come first .

It always takes me around 1 minute to find my project which i last edited.

also the WELCOME TO MAKEROID banner pops up each time i open my projects even after clicking on ‘never show again’

Kindly fix both of these bugs and feedback in next update.

Hitesh K. Yadav

It could be greate yeah !

There are already aware of that

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I can give you one idea to shorten your search time… delete the projects you no longer use in addition to the date modified.


Personally, I have like 6 test projects + some backup projetcs + I’m working on 2 new projects.

It’s easier for me (and maybe others) to keep them on the builder - In fact it’s not because we haven’t used projects for a long time that we won’t need them anymore.

Of course you’ll say that we can export the projects in .aia, but If we always have to import them back to see ont little thing, we’ll waste time.

That’s juste my opinion, I’m not saying it couldn’t be a solution for some users :wink:

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